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The fact that, even with the manufactured hoopla, Harper couldn't generate the kind of adulation heaped upon Stronach is a recurring theme - and a source of endless frustration among devoted Harperites.

She's got a lot of style, they say, but where's the substance?

He descended on the escalator with his wife, Laureen, waving and smiling stiffly, while a team of Conservative youth in yellow Harper T-shirts cheered and shook noisemakers below.

The light reflecting through the building's coloured-glass windows made the scene look vaguely ecclesiastical.

“But to go into a school where you have children at an elementary level, a First Nations school in Brandon, and espouse legalization of marijuana …

I think is appalling, inappropriate.”But comedian Rick Mercer shot back on Twitter with a black-and-white photo of Mac Kay, while likely an undergrad at Acadia University in Nova Scotia, drinking from a funnel.

Qualcomm is seeking to block Qualcomm plans to request the import ban Friday, July 7, 2017, with the U. International Trade Commission, which has the power to block shipments of products that violate intellectual property.

It wasn’t true, but that didn’t stop the media, including from speculating, and writing two memorable lines about Canada’s then foreign affairs minister.“Peter Mac Kay of Canada, the single, sophisticated foreign minister, routinely named Canada’s sexiest M. by The Hill Times in Ottawa, and the closest thing to eye candy on the diplomatic circuit.

So, yes, it's fun for me." Less fun, perhaps, for Stephen Harper.

Several hours earlier, the party leader had staged a media photo-op for his arrival.

IF STEPHEN HARPER is the stiff-lipped conscience of the new Conservatives, Belinda Stronach is their resident rock star.

When the 38-year-old rookie MP arrives at the Palais des Congrès in Old Montreal to register for the party's inaugural policy convention, she steps off the escalator like a blast of colour amid a sea of navy blue suits and the odd Stetson.

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