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The Schimel AP-22 single shot pistol that looks like a Luger may have proceeded it by almost a full year.And other companies were bringing out different airguns that used the 8-gram cartridges at the same time as Benjamin.Crosman had been making CO2 guns since the early 1930s, along with the Benjamin Air Rifle Company that was a separate entity in those days.But CO2 as an airgun power source was already more than a half-century old when these two first started using it.In fact, it is that grip that our guest blogger, Jack Cooper, keyed on when he selected the Crosman 2240 pistol for his pupil, Jill, to train with.The 150 is powered by CO2, which was not new when the pistol came out.

The one-piece barrel and breech that I am testing for you is far more common. Also note the writing on the box says this cartridge holds 12 grams of CO2.

Giffard first offered CO2 pistols and rifles way back in the 1870s.

Giffard guns used bulk gas that was filled into rechargable tanks that then charged the guns when they were attached.

The first type has adjustable power (two power settings) that’s controlled when the gun is cocked.

The second version of this type is similar to the first (separate receiver/breech and barrel) but does not have two power settings.

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It came to market in 1952 and was followed a year later by the rifled .177 caliber 257 and the .22 caliber 252.

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