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Rather than getting stuck in any one static Kanye persona, he’s allowing the “Kanye West” persona to continually evolve.He wants to know what the hell is happening with him psychologically, and so do we!He’s moved out of the defensive position (“Runaway”) and turned on himself.

Let me tell you a secret about Nate Dogg: He probably got dumped a lot. The rapper persona, as it has been established and embellished on, never gets dumped. Kanye gets dumped all the time, and he is trying to figure out why.

“We are the voices of our parents’ bad choices.” — Kanye West, “Mama’s Boyfriend” “Sometimes I wish I wasn’t him, but I am.” — Lil Wayne, “Dear Anne” “I’m just saying, you could do better.” — Drake, “Marvin’s Room” “I have given my all.” — Nicki Minaj, “Catch Me” anye West is having an identity crisis.

Kanye is always having a crisis, but I’m really excited about this particular one because he’s on the edge of intense personal revelation.

Rose, a former stripper-turned-glamour model, posted some NSFW tweets against Yeezy and said on a podcast, "Listen, don't talk about my kid."Kanye, who has since deleted the nasty tweets that were part of his tirade, posted on Twitter late Friday, "God's dream...

Never speak on kids"The rapper shares two children with wife Kim Kardashian—daughter North West, 2, and son Saint West, who is one month old. She later began dating Wiz and the two welcomed their son and got married in 2013. Also this week, Rose appeared on another podcast, saying Wiz was the love of her life."When you really find love, you just know," she said.

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That his single mom’s overwhelming need to be physically attractive to men (which led to her death) is connected to Kanye’s own desire for women to be perfect sex robots who he can mentally control. Whenever Kanye hears “Roll Up,” I bet he imagines Amber and Wiz having sex in a hot-air balloon while he stands on the ground cursing them and being tiny. He doesn’t have Kanye’s anger, and therefore he doesn’t have Kanye’s edge.

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