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The editors of this distinguished series are Martin J. New methods of dating artifacts and archaeological contexts have developed rapidly since the so-called "radiocarbon revolution" which took place shortly after the Second World War.The editors recognize that because of the increasing complexity of many of the dating techniques, it is no longer possible for one or even a few authors to assemble and assess adequately the ever-increasing literature and the current directions of research for more than one or two of the techniques.In essence, the reader is exposed to a history of the refinement of a scientific procedure.All of the chapters present several examples or practical applications that demonstrate the utility of the technique.

Background, Context, and General Assessment Research conducted by archaeologists, prehistorians, historians of ancient cultures and civilizations, and art historians, among other scholars and scientists, has, in the main, four primary components: 1) description; 2) location, provenance, or provenience; 3) chronology; and 4) explanation, inference, and/or the testing of hypotheses.The book may certainly be regarded as a highly technical compendium, an essential reference work that should be acquired by any library and is mandatory for advanced students, and practitioners.This is, however, also a significant document--a status report--which synthesizes the latest thinking about important dating methods written by a distinguished assemblage of international experts. Initially, I provide a broad assessment that will establish a background and a context for chronology in archaeology, and I shall present an overall evaluation of the volume.In the main, each contribution is structured similarly, beginning with an abstract, followed by a brief historical overview, and a discussion of how the technique "works" (including, in most instances, complex physical science discussions and/or mathematical formulae).The types of materials or contexts that are dated, potential sources of error or contamination, and results are also considered.

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"Dendrochronology" (so-called tree-ring dating) is explicated next, and its nearly world wide applications are reviewed.

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