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After investing her heart and exchanging “I love you’s,” she found out that her male model love interest, “Ronnie Scicluna” was actually someone else entirely.

And is it possible to research and verify information you’ve been given? A You can enter or check photos, even phrases from emails.It might not have helped Perrier that she fit a major trait of an online dating scam victim: she was trusting. Amid her sleuthing into Catfish Stanley, she reached out to Adem Guzel (the person whose images were stolen by Stanley) to tell him what was going on. long-story-short, she and Guzel are now a happy couple.Lesson to online daters: Take the time to learn about the background of your match. At the influence of someone at work who told her “the guy doesn’t want to meet you …maybe it’s not even him,” Perrier uploaded “Ronnie’s” photo to a reverse image search and discovered an official Twitter account, Facebook and model-management website belonging to a man named Adem Guzel.

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