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The ordeal of Laye Donzo is a cautionary story for the tens of thousands of Africans each year who take the migrant road to Libya, seeing it as the gateway to life and prosperity in Europe.Instead, for many the war-torn country has meant only torture, imprisonment, rape or death.“The guards stripped one of us, a Nigerian girl, and raped her in front of us in the courtyard.” On the morning of June 26, the Aquarius pulled along the Sicilian coast and into the port of Messina.The migrants are given medical checks and registered and housed in so-called ‘hotspot’ migration centers so authorities can process their asylum applications.Donzo was among dozens of Italy-bound, would-be migrants rescued off the coast of Libya on June 23 by the Aquarius, a boat chartered by the charity Doctors Without Borders and the rescue group SOS Mediterranee.On that day, the Aquarius rescued two boats, one of them after nightfall when the captain happened to spy it in the spotlight just as he was giving up the search.AP ABOARD THE AQUARIUS ON THE MEDITERRANEAN SEA — The young Liberian man went through hell, but when he reached Libya he hoped that there he’d be able to make a living and get an education.Instead, he entered another hell of imprisonment, then near death at sea.

After the initial shock from days on open water subsided, the tales of trauma and torture they endured in Libya poured out.

A 26-year-old Ivorian woman interviewed by Human Rights Watch said she was detained in June and July 2015 at an official facility in the Libyan city of Tajoura.

She spoke of being forced to give oral sex to a Libyan guard almost daily.

In this Saturday June 25, 2016 file photo, a woman looks out of the porthole from aboard the ‘Aquarius’ rescue vessel after arriving in Sicily, Italy, with more than 600 migrants aboard the ship rescued by SOS Mediterranee and the medical aid group Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF).

By trying to prevent migrants from taking the dangerous sea journey across the Mediterranean, they are dooming them to prolonged abuse in Libya at the hands of authorities and the country’s many militias, rights groups warn.

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