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Girls who want to date my sons, if you come to my house it is not a test. You are there to make friends, to learn and understand, to see the young man that you are interested in, in situations that you might not have seen him in before. I really hope that you have seen me treat your mother and your sisters with a level of respect that helps you to understand what it means to be a gentleman. That should be a good measuring tape for your date.I don’t always pull your mom’s chair out, and I joke about opening doors and letting them go in first (dragons) but it is incredibly important stuff. If the young woman you are dating does not think enough of herself to dress appropriately for a date, what is she going to think of you?Yes, a strong enough willed person will be able to make the right decisions no matter the circumstances, but very often we feel outside pressure.If you already have the approval of their parents are they going to be worried about disappointing their parents if they say no?This is just a short list but it should give you a good starting point: There is a flip side to this of course. But some young women do so because they feel that is the only way they can get and hold your attention. But I think that there needs to be a level of understanding between you before you start dating.The woman who you are dating should know how to act like a lady. Let her know that you have more respect for her than that. First, thinking that asking a persons parents means that they are then going to say yes to you is a mistake.See how the other reacts without all the other social pressures of actually dating and the need for “romantic interests.” Just like the list for girls the list for boys should include that if a boy wants to date a girl, he should be willing to spend time meeting her family and spend some time with them. She should have a good idea of what kind of family he comes from.Mom, Dad, brothers and sisters might also be able to see things that our starry eyed young man can’t. It is not always true that you will build a friendship before a romantic interest begins because some times they happen at the same time.

That is part of the dating process, but you should not go into a date, or start dating someone with the intent of not following through.If she feels that way, it is likely that what she needs is a friend and not a date. A person, even a child does not belong to their parents.This is particularly true in the case of romantic relationships.” this is not something that should be sprung on any one ever.After all, the boys that are taking our daughters out are just as much in need of guidance as our daughters.More importantly, our sons need guidance on what is expected of them if they want to date. Dating (courting) is really about trying to find a mate.

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