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The company eventually moved to its current home in Wilder Street St Paul's in 1955.The cutting for the Bristol Evening post from 1955 gives another account of the bombing and also a condensed but well written history of the company up to that time.It honours the legend of a woman who had a demonic toothed vagina that ate men's penises, and it remained undefeated until a metal-worker built a metal penis that broke the demon's teeth.

He is also one of the co-founders of Dream Works Studios.

At Mexican birthday parties, once the cake has been brought out and everyone has sung 'happy birthday', you're encouraged to take the first bite of your cake.

At which someone will inevitably push your face into the icing, and you're not allowed to get angry, because it's tradition.

Wife-carrying is a fully endorsed sport in Finland, with competitors from all over the world congregating in Sonkajarvi each year for the wife-carrying championships, and the sport itself is said to date back to the 19th century.

Like wife-carrying, boot-throwing has been around so long that it's taken very seriously, and considered a championship sport in Finland (although competitors have been known to drink during the event to enhance their game).

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It fell victim, together with the occupants of a nearby bus and a number of passers-by to the last daylight bombing raid on Bristol on August 24th 1942.

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